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Everyday life can be challenging. Need some help?

We provide helpful apps, for those everyday challenges.
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Idea Builder

Android App

Capture, Update, and Track Your Ideas to Completion.

Unlock your creative potential with Idea Builder, the ultimate app for capturing, organizing, and tracking your ideas. Whether you're a writer, entrepreneur, or simply someone with a brilliant mind, Idea Builder empowers you.

Just Bills

Android App

The Just Bills application provides a simple and effective way to manage your bills. You can track the due date for each bill, with ability to be notified about upcoming bills due. You can record your payments for bills, allowing due dates to be updated automatically on a recurring basis.

Memory Agent

Android App

Application allows you to store your important memory information securely on your device. Data is stored encrypted, if you choose to, and is accessible only with a passphrase. Application is easy to use, is fast and very effective.


Android App

Wondering where you are spending all your time?
Need to track time spent on important business or personal action?

Act-n-Track enables easy and convenient tracking of your time on the important actions you do each day, with a clean and intuitive set of screens.

Next Challenge

Android App

Create and run challenges to push yourself to get important things done.